Oppose cuts to Medicaid reimbursement!

You can help MDA oppose Medicaid rate cuts. Please contact Gov. Bullock today.

A 3.47% decrease in provider rates is planned. Here’s why. The Legislature passed a law that mandates the Governor to reduce expenditures, if state revenues fall below the forecast.  That law also requires that Medicaid rates be decreased by 1%. The Governor has directed DPHHS to further decrease Medicaid rates to reduce expenditures.

Email your message through the Governor’s public comment page at this link:  http://governor.mt.gov/Home/Contact/shareopinion  

Explain that reducing Medicaid dental rates will hurt access to care for Medicaid patients. Cite compelling examples from your practice of the dental care you provide to those patients. Ask the Governor not to further cut Medicaid rates. It’s bad health policy. The Governor and Legislature are not responsible for falling revenue and they have a duty to manage the state’s budget. But decreasing Medicaid rates is the wrong way. 

Here is Dr. Rencher's letter on behalf of MDA .

Please also contact DPHHS before August 4 to oppose the cuts. Send that message to dphhslegal@mt.gov .