Sirona MCXL & Speedfire Oven

Selling one of my mills. One is an inlab 4-motor and the other is a standard chairside mill. The standard has recently been upgraded with a new motor to mill with carbides; the inlab has not. Both work flawlessly so I do not care which one I sell and which one I keep. $11,000 . Speedfire oven, $8500. Barely used. I'm just not into same day sirconia. I'm in Billings and would rather not ship. Please call (406) 320-2009 or email

Selling CariVu

Dexis CariVu - About 6 months old and only tested in office. Comes with 5 tips (4 Large & 1 Small) $4,800.
Call the office (406) 248-2669 or email

Denar Mark 330 Articulator for Sale

Lightly used, great condition semi-adjustable articulator. Visit for full list of features. Retail price is $1,366.
ASKING $1,000 OBO.
Contact Margaret Hyams at Billings West General Dentistry @ 406-245-9556 or via email ( interested.

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