Be a Montana Dental Advocate!

MDA is busy preparing for the 2023 Legislative Session.  And we need your help!  To participate in Advocacy efforts, please contact Executive Director Webb Brown.


December 2016
While you are in your office treating patients this week, 150 Montana legislators are preparing to gather in Helena to begin making decisions that will impact you and your dental practice. MDA is your advocate to ensure dentistry’s interests are successfully served by the 2017 Legislature. Please watch Dr. Gillette's Invitation to Dental Dayy at the Legislature on January 27 and learn about “Montana Action for Dental Health”, the MDA’s 2017 Legislative Agenda.


MDA’s legislative initiative will protect dental practices, improve practice efficiency, and improve access to care. MDA is sponsoring bills to:

  • Allow dentists to delegate Dental Board-approved functions to dental assistants under general supervision.
  • Require third-party payers to reimburse dentists for services provided through teledentistry.
  • Ensure Medicaid audits are fair and reasonable for dentists and other health care providers.
  • Require health plans to cover general anesthesia for young children and patients with special needs.

MDA staff and lobbyists will be pushing MDA’s agenda in the Capitol, but the voice legislators hear most clearly is yours, as a dentist serving patients in your community. Please help MDA as a grassroots Dental Advocate. Here’s how:

LOBBY LEGISLATORS – As a Dental Advocate, MDA will ask you to lobby your legislators. MDA needs to know those you will lobby. Please go online to this site and list them. I'll be a Dental Advocate. Many faces have changed in the legislature as a result of the election. If you are unsure who is representing your community, please click here for the map of legislative districts and rosters of legislators: Find a legislator

CALL TO ACTION! - You can quickly and easily contact legislators in response to MDA “Call to Action !” email alerts when lobbying on important votes is needed. Click here to register for MDA’s online lobbying program: Call to Action!" When you complete the form, check “remember me” and you’re good to good. And please watch your inbox for alerts.

DENTAL DAY AT THE LEGISLATURE - Join your colleagues in Helena to lobby legislators on January 27 during Dental Day at the Legislature. MDA staff will provide a briefing over breakfast from 7:30 – 9 a.m., followed by your visits with your legislators at the Capitol. MDA will host a luncheon for Dental Advocates at noon and will host legislators and dentists at a reception and dinner from 6:00 to 8:30. You can register at I'll be a Dental Advocate or call (800-257-498) or email the MDA office ().

Thank you for becoming an MDA Advocate for Dentistry!

Dr. Jane Gillette, President
Webb Brown, Executive Director

MDA and You: A Powerful Lobbying Team

The Montana Dental Association advocates for your interests as a practicing dentist and for the dental health needs of all Montanans. Working as a team, MDA’s leaders, grassroots dentists, and staff lobby for laws and policies that protect and enhance the delivery of dental care and Montana.

MDA advocacy goals include:

  • Ensuring adequate state funding for dental care provided to children and low-income adults.
  • Maintaining a level playing field between dental practices and third-party payers.
  • Protecting the safety of Montanans by ensuring that only licensed and qualified dental providers render treatment.
  • Improving access to oral health for all Montanans.


Get Political!

MoDePAC , MDA’s political action committee, contributes to Montana legislative and state-level candidates who support MDA’s issues. Please donate to MoDePAC.

MDA's '99 Club funds communication to legislators on key issues and training and opportunities for MDA dentists as grassroots lobbyists. 



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