iCoreRx Cloud-Based Electronic Prescribing

e-Prescribe ALL meds faster from any device.

Electronically prescribing all medications with iCoreRx has a real value in both cost and time savings. iCoreRx integrates with popular practice management systems. It reduces steps required to prescribe, speeding up the entire process and providing you with resources to make better informed clinical decisions for even better patient care.

  • You’ll have greater flexibility to provide care by e-Prescribing from any computer or device, even if you’re not at your practice.
  • You’ll be able to utilize the integrated, always up-to-date drug reference source.
  • You’ll have access to the patient’s full prescription history.
  • You’re able to e-Prescribe controlled substances quickly.
  • Each provider needs only one subscription to practice at multiple locations (if you have two DEA #’s then you will need a 2nd subscription)

If you prescribe certain Schedule II-V drugs (opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol), you need quick, simple access to the Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR) to legally prescribe those medications.  Add the PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) function and you have one-step, real-time access to the MPDR.

iCoreRx + PMP simplifies your mandatory prescription check and:

  • Provides real-time access to the latest state data in one step
  • Integrates with your EHR to avoid manual data entry
  • Is instantly viewable by prescribing provider


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Member Benefit:

MDA members receive a 43% discount off the regular monthly price. That’s only $45 per month per provider. e-Prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) for an additional $9 per month. Click here to book a free, no-obligation demo and learn more.

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