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Professional Liability & Dental Practice Package Insurance

Marsh McLennan Agency & Cincinnati Insurance Company

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Professional Liability and Dental Practice Protection:

The MDA endorses Marsh McLennan Agency (formerly PayneWest Insurance) and their trusted partner carrier, The Cincinnati Insurance Company.  Through this endorsement, MDA members can purchase both professional liability and comprehensive practice coverage.  Marsh McLennan Agency has been the endorsed agent for the MDA for over 30 years.  Over 300 practicing dentists in Montana are insured with Cincinnati Insurance through Marsh McLennan Agency.  We have local agents and local adjusters to provide the best service possible to the MDA members.

Cincinnati Insurance and Occurrence vs. Claims-Made Coverage:

Cincinnati Insurance Company has an AM Best Rating of A+ VX and was recently recognized by Forbes magazine as The Most Trustworthy Company for large-cap, publicly traded companies in the US.  Forbes evaluated over 8,000 companies in all industries, not just insurance companies, and chose Cincinnati as the most Trustworthy.

Cincinnati Insurance has been insuring dentists for over 50 years, and they are one of the largest writers of dentists in the country.  They have always used the Occurrence form.  When the professional liability crises hit, all carriers writing professional liability either switched to the more limited Claims-Made form or quit writing professional liability all together.  Not Cincinnati; they continued to offer the broader Occurrence form to their clients.  They always have, and always will, provide their clients the broadest coverage possible.

For more on how Marsh McLennan Agency services fit your needs, contact your Marsh McLennan Agency Advisor:

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Marsh McLennan Agency
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