iCoreDental Practice Management with a Mind for Business


Practice Management With a Mind for Business

“If you could build a dental practice management EHR from scratch, what would you build?” This was the question answered by more than 1,000 dentists before iCoreConnect designed iCoreDental.


Take a look: 

What your peers insisted on:

  • No computer servers or expensive IT
  • No upgrade fees
  • No large cash outlay
  • Real, U.S.-based support
  • Pay only for what you need

Choose the modules you want:

  • Patient reminders
  • HIPAA-compliant email
  • Multiple location support
  • ePrescriptions, including controlled substances
  • Meaningful analytics
  • Full billing services, and more


Member Benefit:

As an active MDA member, you qualify for 33% discount pricing on iCoreDental. Click here to book a free, no-obligation demo. Even greater discounts may be available when you bundle iCoreDental with other services endorsed by MDA.


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