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Dr. Jane Gillette Elected to Montana House District 64

HELENA, November 5, 2020 gillette 2 color

     Dr. Jane Gillette was elected to Montana House District 64 and will serve in the 2021 legislative session.  Dr. Gillette won the June primary with a narrow 34-vote margin, but emerged from the general election with a 971 vote margin.  Dr. Gillette secured 4,577 votes as the Republican candidate, prevailing over her Democrat opponent, Brian Gabriel Popeil, who garnered 3,606 votes. 

     Dr. Gillette will be the only dentist among 150 Montana legislators, and she will be carrying key bills for MDA and other bills regarding reform of state health issues.  Her expertise in evidence-based medicine will be of significant value to fellow legislators weighing complex issues.

     MoDePAC encourages all MDA members to make a final contribution to Dr. Gillette’s campaign, since she self-financed a large share of both the Primary and General election expenses in order to prevail.  Even if you can only give $10, every amount will be appreciated.  You can contribute online with a credit card at her campaign homepage at:  drjanegillette.com

     To mail in a check or a note of congratulation, her campaign address is:     Dr. Jane Gillette for Montana, P.O. Box 1751, Bozeman, MT  59771.